Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ANOTHER late work night for the O'lover. if that mid-night oil is going to be burned we will burn it together! Solidarity Lover!

going through recent pics i gotta wonder...
What is the size of life?
Is this sculpture by Dallas Anderson life-size?
maybe in a Jessica Alba "wisp of a woman" sort of way.

Is this depiction of a sleepwalker by James Avanti life-size?
She's more like it..but notice her impossibly long neck with very pronounced veins. and do i detect an adam's apple on this bronzed woman? and that's why i love art. you can make things any size you want.

And then there's the size of my mother's miracle squash hanging from her grape arbor. it's like four feet long and i bet if you look really hard you can see the virgin mary (while crossing your eyes & holding your breath for a very long time). forget harvesting this monster, we should shellac it at the end of the season and sell viewing tickets.
And my little every-day homegrown earthbound and won't need to be quartered to fit into the oven.

And the
shape of life?
this is our devil's pitchfork carrot.
and it was yummy. we dipped our splayed three-fingered carrot hand in cashew butter. We ate the middle finger first or it would have been rude.

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