Sunday, December 30, 2007

PART 2:reunited with gorgeous Wenderful at long last! when we first got there, everyone was on the dance floor. then the evening entertainment graduated to the talent night after party. we're talkin' about the kind of talent that makes your jaw drop (and made me strangle-hold the couch pillow in a fit of awe and utmost jealousy.)
I met Wenderful (btw, not her real name) when she was in the rock star betties. Then we lived together at the Art Front warehouse. here Wenderful and her sister Mel (also a good friend) are jerryrigging a capo for Wenderful's groom, B-Dunn.Wenderful is part of the Mormon Von Trapp family (note: they would never call themselves that, but i just want you to understand!) these guys write their own music. and switch instruments like my sister and i switch outfits, anytime, anywhere. Mel (to the right) and her cute husband Jason (not pictured) were in the band Desmo.- this is a link to the song "temporary baby".

we were listening to their amazingness and requesting favorite songs until we finally left well after 1 am.

And since this post needs a pic of Wenderful in her wedding dress... i love her! thanks to Wenderful and all for the great FUN!

when we got back to the lime green cottage O'lover felt renewed to work on projects, like installing can lights. i felt renewed to watch. and think about how my man looks like a 70's cop. with those sunglasses. and the side burns. sigh.


wendyhcd said...

you're too, too kind, Quel Quel. i'm so happy you and Oliver got to meet my Bryan. thanks for making the 8-hour trip to see us. you never fail to make me feel like a rock star in your world. and your world is pretty damn rockin'. pardon my French, but it is :). big hug from NYC! (we watched the ball drop from Times Square tonight. crazy huh?) come visit!!!

tam said...

wow! your sister looks really butch in this picture. crazy!

Quel said...

i just called tammy to ask her what the...? she's referring to the pic of ollie. and how they look alike. which automatically FREAKS me out. like our gene pool is too small to ever have children because my husband looks like he could be my bro. but i promise. i've gone over our ancestry and there are no connections whatsoever. but it still wierds me out that we're IDENTICAL.