Sunday, January 6, 2008

a room of my very own

secret passages and hidden rooms are high on my list of favorites. sometimes guests are surprised when they find out the cottage has a second story because the stairs are tucked away in a very unlikely cabinet. it's a steep winding climb up to two cave-like rooms in the attic with all kinds of cubbies and hidden storage compartments.

but one of the rooms i almost never enter. every time i see the door i just want to BACK AWAY. like my whole life will crumble if i go in there.

maybe my life will unravel if i let myself have my own space. maybe i'll forget to come back out and pay the mortgage or feed the chickens or kiss my husband.

maybe i'll make some paintings and sew some stuff and imagine all sorts of things from the comfort of my very own safe haven.

come what may i'm daring myself to go in.

closing the door and still...breathing...

"Oliver can you hear me from in here?"



Sue said...

I have always always ALWAYS wanted a house with a secret passage. I LOVE the thought of your stairs. How wonderful.

We have a HUGE basement and when we thought about finishing it off, we came up with all kinds of fanciful things we wanted to do in the space - hidden passages, one of those turnaround bookcase thingies with a secret space behind it, a slide from the ground floor... We haven't finished it off yet, but I SWEAR we're gonna do something like that.

andi said...

One question ... Is it a warm room in your house? I find that our airplane hanger of a house that only has one room on the main floor with a door draws all the inhabitants of the house. Marco's office is the spot with all the heat and the kids by sundown.

What were they thinking when they built this place? Which reminds me, have you seen the movie Avelon about the family in Baltimore? It is the story of the deterioration of the family by the advent of central heat. Check it out in your little room of your own.

Quel said...

sue, so many possibilities! makes my head whirl with delight thinking about your carnival of fun in the basement.

andi, ha! you are so insightful. actually no there isn't heat in my little room (the vent is disconnected). i need to see that movie. o'lover and i have considered taking out all the walls and making the upstairs one big room so we can work on our individual projects yet still feel together.

sue-donym said...

Remind me to tell you about the awesome law office my stepdaughter had in St. George. It was an old polygamist home with all sorts of secret passages.

MamaCass said...

My dad's cabin has secret doors. Your space looks lovely and I"m elling may never want to come out. I love my space..L.O.V.E. love. I feel ll warm in there a womb. It's vital to have thinking space.
Hey...when is our show going to be back on!
Love, Cass

d/b/c/m said...

it is on my list of musts to visit your little edenous abode someday.