Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Trendsetter

this is my cute mom eating her favorite snack.

she used to eat 12 lemons a day. RIND, seeds, and all. now she's cut down to 1. it takes her will power people. in spades.

but she's strong.

momma mia never paid heed to "kid food" as distinct from "adult food". at our house you were either nursing or eating stuffed grape leaves and gyoza like everyone else. and yes we were nursing while talking and walking and writing cursive (wink).

food wise i'm my mom's "mini-me". and would roll my eyes when my friends' moms would cut the crust from their wonder bread.

but lately we've discovered some divergence. last night momma mia served "bichos" for dinner. for those of you who don't know spanish we're talking about plates full of bugs. with antennae. I refrained but O'lover, joined the meal late and helped himself to a giant bowl. and is still harboring ill feelings that i hadn't warned him but watched bemused as he rolled little crinkly legs in his mouth. nope, those weren't hard shelled bean sprouts.

my mom would make an excellent prisoner of war. a much admired quality is her ability to appreciate the protein in a worm laden apple or cherry.

o- how i wish i could be so practical!

thanks for all the varied foods you make us Momma Mia!


AzĂșcar said...

Hmm, we were nursed until walking and talking and there was no baby food at our house either.

And people are shocked that THAT is how my babies are also being raised?

Here's to the originals!

d/b/c/m said...

wow, how rad is she?! so, after your cousin's performance and now this on your mom and the fact that you're argentinian, i'm pretty much in love with your family.

oh, and now it's obvious where your beauty came from.

pamo said...

i can't even get over the 12 lemon rind thing to begin to comprehend the bug thing.

and yes, no cutting of crusts or peeling apples.

Quel said...

azucar, here here! (or is it hear hear?) better yet, ching ching.

b, momma mia will be so happy to read that you said that! i love your awesome family too!

pamo, momma mia started her 12 lemon rind thing while we were in utero and it has rendered me allergic to most citrus. though i can still enjoy grapefruit. my sister figured out that if she took a special amino acid right before eating citrus she'd be ok. maybe your children won't like sausage links? =)

Geo said...

What a beautiful lady. Maybe I'll start eating lemons.

Quel said...

dear geo,
you are one helluva gorgeous woman. but if you do start eating lemons i won't balk.

d/b/c/m, i reread my reply to your comment. it is missing one tiny word: "also" between the two sentences. p.s. i think i'm too picky and ocd (duh).

Chandelle said...

hooray for extended nursing gourmands!!!

your mother is absolutely beautiful. look at that skin.

our kids have had adult food from the beginning as well. we waited as long as possible to introduce solids, and we followed all the rules to avoid allergies, but i strongly flavor everything i make and that's what they had. i eat about a bulb of garlic a day and thus, so do they. making breakfast this morning my 3-year-old was popping raw onions and garlic in his mouth while my 1-year-old chewed on asparagus and red pepper. my son loves nothing more than to run to the spice rack and pull off his favorite spices: cumin, dill and crushed red pepper, every time. :)

Quel said...

chandelle, i love that your kids eat like PEOPLE! that is so cool. and speaking of mom decided if she were a spice/condiment she'd be cumin; i'd be sauerkraut; and my sister is capers. my sister doesn't think i should be sauerkraut but she hasn't tasted o'lover's homemade version.

Lois said...

I love that photo! How adorable is your mother? I can't believe that about the lemons. That is crazy.

My father used to eat bugs (mostly daddy long-legs), but that was just to gross us out.

I never fed my kids baby food, either. Why bother? I nursed them for years. Much easier than feeding them.

I still don't like feeding them. Hopefully they can find some old Cheetos under the couch cushions for dinner.

cheli said...

Dear Quel,
I HAVE to eat lemons to balance my life out; you see, you and your siblings, MY MASTER PIECE, have made my life too sweet. LLC, MM