Friday, May 16, 2008

gone baby gone

my bag was stolen. at 3:30 today from pioneer park.

i'm placing a hex on whoever stole it! my bag will be like hot lava on their sticky fingers. means my cell phone is probably in a dumpster somewhere. with everyones' numbers on it.

now that my debit card is cancelled i'm starting to think about what i really need.

i really need the following to BE RETURNED:
my mother-in-law's digital camera, my vinylicious wallet, my nissan thermos, my Farmers Market book, and my laptop cord.

and my cell phone.

did i mention my mother-in-law's camera? urgh.

uhh...someone is calling my work number from my stolen cell phone.

k, dear reader, 30 seconds after i put the lava curse on my bag someone called to return it!

i am so witchy i can't believe it. =)

i ran down the street and met the nice man and woman in front of city limits bar. they were living out of a grocery cart full of random essentials. the top of their cart had a layer of well tended plants. the couple had a portable container garden! i hugged and thanked them for being so wonderful to track me down. and then i start crying because i couldn't give them any money when i checked my empty wallet.

when i cry it's an event. spectators want the blotchy-faced lady to feel better NOW.
homeless people want ME to feel better. NOW.

and this is why being a cursing, hex-placing, crying the squeaky wheel gets oiled (and patted on the back.)

now what i NEED is...
for that homeless couple to have my stolen cash after all. and to spend it on cool stuff that isn't a meth addiction.
i can hope...


susan said...

I just hope the thugs get a case of toxic shock!

Chandelle said...

you're so lucky to get it back, even without cash! :)

james said...

Raq, we all know that you have the power to curse and bless, which is one of many reasons it is better to be your friend than enemy. I hope the coupe has your money too.

andi said...

I read a lot of blogs and this is the best post I have seen in AGES! You have such gift with hexing! Have thought about teaching the skill at enrichment?

sue-donym said...

one more confirmation that you indeed have special powers.

Was it that really cute bag you got at 110?

wendyhcd said...

phew. i was relieved to read the end of your story! i lost my cell phone on the NYC subway Sat. night. and yeah, no one called to return it yet. but i'm the new owner of an incredibly discounted Nokia phone: the salesperson felt sorry for me when i told him my story. gotta love being a girl sometimes.

luminainfinite said...

this is the best story
this is making me smile all day
things go so well so often
life is grand


d/b/c/m said...


i love people. my faith in people has increased significantly because of the trillion times i've lost my wallet and it has ALWAYS been returned. (knock on wood).

so, while i do believe (and love) that you are a witch, i also believe that people are full of caring.

djinn said...

What a useful skill; but I must confess also being impressed by the portable homeless garden.

PS. I'll register for the hexing class, too. But I suspect it is not so easily taught.

Lois said...

Wow, I'm so glad you got it back. That was crazy.

OK, now I have to really get going on that garden. I guess that I can't use the "I live in an apartment" excuse. If a homeless couple can have a garden, then so can I!