Thursday, January 22, 2009

state of the household

the crescendo of suspense. holy moses! part the curtains on the construction already, right?

meanwhile everyone is still being watered and fed. the ladies are happy and warm in the greenhouse. in fact, i'm not sure they know its winter.
bridget was trying to escape between my legs when i took this pic.

also, it's sinking in that i need more carpentry skillz. i keep coming to stopping points until oliver can coach me over the phone or until he comes home and takes over.

it's also sinking in that we have a new prez.

reposted from feb 7, 2008

it turns out i'm

a respecter of persons
even worse,
a stalker.

this is right before michelle obama shakes my hand.
after her inspiring speech in slc last monday.
her hand is very soft and thin.
my hand was clammy and in awe.

while in chicago last november i visited THEIR house. on their street there's an LDS chapel, then my friend kimmy's house, then a couple houses, then my favorite presidential candidate's house, then a jewish synagogue.

yes there were secret service agents watching me take this pic.


Shannon said...

Hey are you going to be spinning your own wool? I was just visiting a friend who has a spinning wheel she wants to know where she can get wool from. I of course thought of you. Let me know please.

tam said...

Hi Quel! You have so many great things happening over there! I'm so excited to see it! I love the perpetual progress of your household. It's inspiring, and amazing how it really makes a difference in the quality of life. Mine, in particular, when I come to visit.
I love that woman Michelle Obama. It's high time that spell checks everywhere learn the word Obama. Yeah!

Quel said...

hi shannon! how are you? please update soon. where is your friend? does she have experience? i went to coalville to get fleece and then washed it myself. you can buy pre washed, pre-combed or carded wool at three wishes in west jordan or heindselman's in provo sells a small selection of wool ready to spin. it's most affordable to get fleece and prep it at home. and it's fun!

tamwam, i just used the last drops of torin's aveeno baby shampoo. sniff.
sniff again.

Quel said...

shannon0 i got my fleece in coalville at the tom boyer rambouillet ranch. he raises sheep for breeding, not necessarily the wool. so the fleece we got had a lot of second cuts and they must have been sheared in an unswept barn as the fleece was full of straw. (but after a lot of work it was still great!) we're going to go to san pete county and buy some clean fleece that was meant to be spun. remind me and i;ll let you know more.
hope this helps!