Friday, December 12, 2008

dear blogoshere

i've got a case of stage fright.


i'm still kicking. just scared of


(and will i later take it back down.)

so i've decided to "consecrate everything to my own good". no regrets.

that's a good frame of mind to be in.

i like it!

am i talking to myself?

echo echo.

off to renew my costco membership so that i can decorate our booth at the farmers market manana. it's going to snow! YAY!


The Fam said...

we will sadly not be able to make it. i hope you have a fantastic turn out. i have nothing to look forward to now that the market's done for the season!!



d/b/c/m said...

i do that all the time too. but i think it's healthy to get some things out, even if they don't stay public. plus, it seems like the right person always reads them in those bold moments before they come down.

but, i still wish i were more confident about my posts/opinions.

Angie said...

Hahaha. I know all about blog stage fright. I just try to never read what I've posted.

Angie said...

Oh! Btw, my neighbor is a fairly new gardener who has absolutely fallen in love with the craft, and he wants to construct a greenhouse. I told him about yours and he wants to know if he could come by and take a peek at it. Would you mind if we popped by tomorrow (Sunday)?

wendyhcd said...

no echo here. i'm listening loud and clear. i hope the Farmer's Market went swimmingly! love you, Quel.

Angie said...

Ok I'll let him know it's not a good time. Here's my email address:

lu said...

Oh, the stage fright; fight or flight. I'm happy to see you're a fighter and continue to post.

We all have our blogs for our separate purposes. My purpose began as a way to work through hard sorrow; which requires throwing it out, unedited and then going back, review, edit, look for regrets, patterns and possibilities. When I come up on regrets I thrash around and look for ways to avoid them in the life ahead of me. I can do this by keeping my blog relatively anonymous. Only readers whom I’ve come to trust might know the three dimensional me, I would hope people understand that I'm much more than my blog. I never share it with friends or family.

It seems to me that our blog is an inspiration in what you've set out as a plan here, it's a joyous site and I find myself looking through for clues as to how to find this kind of peace in living simply.

I would love to learn more about how you balance the work load with the pleasure.

How you build and maintain community.

Some of the difficulties come up against and how you overcome them.
It seems this is basically what you've done, and I like it.

This is really long winded request or pep talk in hopes that you continue without reservations, selfish of me, but I'd like to borrow your ideas; skim some energy from the margins...