Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gritty Knitty Revival

i lost my patagonia fleece headband in chicago earlier this month.

and have been F R E E Z I N G... until my woolly habits reawakened from a long dormancy.

YAY for wool and pointy sticks!

i started with me. under my fur hat is a...and the knitting moved on to the brothers.
and full(er) coverage for ollieMany thanks to the fine models!

Who's next? Tam? What can I knit for YOU?


sue-donym said...

I must have a headband. You are amazing!!

Amy Beatty said...

Holy smokes!!! You are one talented girl. You should sell those at the farmers market!!!! They are soooo cute!

chiggyz said...

You are a beautiful knitter!!! I want to knit with you some time. Ollie looks great in his hat. Wow! I am so impressed.

pamo said...

ooo i love this! i have just begun learning to knit! your projects look a little advanced for me. i'll stick to scarves for now.

Rachel G said...

They are beautiful!

Asia said...

Lovely handiwork. I have really enjoyed my knitted bibs that my skilled-knitter friend made my son. He looks so stylish especially at one point when it was necessary to keep one on him not just when eating due to his incessant drooling. So there's another idear for you to consider making. Baby hats in bold or earth colors are adorable as well (esp. if they have ear covers that continue down to tie under the chin).

It’s interesting how the best creations usually go unmarketed. The artist too passionate about their creation to ruin it’s magic in retail or perhaps those with business sense are not usually coupled with the gift to create.

You’re world looks so rich and inviting. I almost stopped by when in town a few weeks ago but it was a mad rush to visit with all the relatives. When I do -someday- it will be great to see what your house and yard have become through your innovative, warm hands and heart.

laura said...

fantastic! you are amazing. and i've got to learn to knit someday.

tam said...

I like Ollie's hat the very best. It looks so cozy. I can wear it everywhere, even bed.