Monday, July 30, 2007

O'lover and I went contra dancing for FHE tonight. NO PICS were taken but I CAN promise there was much pouring of sweat and gripping of wet palms.

I was told that contra dancing was outlawed in Provo (circa 1900). Well then we were not only breaking the law we were shredding it, stomping on it, and heehawing it (not much new there.)

And even though blogs are all about the HERE and NOW, here are some pics from the THERE and THEN.
TamTam and her look alike.

Marcos and Sheena's kids, H&G. We took them to the Terra Nova Gallery Sidewalk Art Party in the bike-a-boose (also pictured). The kids gave flowers to all the directors on the gallery stroll.
Andrew painted a room in the 337 graffiti house in SLC. This event constituted the biggest impact art has made on me for a LONG TIME. I wanted to move in.

Farmer was only a wee guy when Sophie helped us put up our back fence.

My art from the staff show at G110 in March.
The staff of G110 in March. Leland is now a co-director. Paige, Sabrina, and Oliver still actively volunteer. I'm on hiatus or "bye"atus. i love my new life as an enthusiastic audience member!!

p.s. Is that rumored contra dancing law a version of the Footloose Urban Legend or is it really still on the books?

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Gallery said...

Hey Raquel! I want those pictures we took of the staff in March! This is the first one I saw and it's so cool! Ah the memories...I miss you.