Monday, November 5, 2007

So as we get older our noses grow, right? Every time i tack "right" with a question mark at the end of a sentence i hear Peter Everett's voice in my head. Well, my nose has blossomed to full snort-while-laughing capacity. O'lover likes it. Thank heavens. What if he thought my snorting was rough or rude? I'd have to punish him with loud guffaws and slapping my knee for emphasis and maybe some drooling. But he thinks the snorting is cute and so we're all spared forced dramatics.
Meanwhile, another new physical development has been allergies, particularly a susceptibility to my beloved cottonwood tree. And for the past two days I have lived in the crotch of that cottonwood as I help install a salvaged oak floor for the second story of the tree house. The entire time ringing alarms have sounded to my deaf ears. I ignored the tell-tell repeated sneezing with pressure building. Preventative homeopathic drops have been forgotten for months. Today my ten ton head was pillow bound with sinus headaches that have turned to a full fledged migraine. Resorting to desperate defensive tactics I've been downing apple cider vinegar. I ate WASABI until I thought I'd go blind (but it felt sooo good). Finally, after having to miss my favorite little boy's 3rd birthday party -HAPPY BIRTHDAY "A"! (of the Susan and Brad clan)-I finally...and here comes the most excellent part....took some Maximum Strength Exedrin for Migraines. And praises with loads of glory! legions of angels are holding me in their arms and massaging the crease in my brow...oh wait, that's Saint Oliver.

P.S. I'm almost 34. That's older than Jesus. AND WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE. This is a video of a song I made up about my upcoming birthday realization. I'm sure after the lovely meds wear off I will take it back down. when one is sick where does one's pride hide? Far far away.
P.P.S. Don't fall for watching this video. It's just as boring as all of my other videos. And it's sideways. And what is the deal with youtube always making the videos way darker than they really are?


Cassandra Barney said...

Thank you for sharing. I loved that song...I'm on meds too.
XOX Lilc

d/b/c/m said...

loved it.

i'm becoming more and more convinced that women hit a fork in the road and veer during their 30's and either get superficial, boring and lame, or super cool with liberated confidence. you have definitely taken the cool road.

Geo said...

If sideways is your thing, don't be embarassed.