Saturday, June 21, 2008

because it's a contest

salt lake is ollie's territory. he graduated from the U. he knows EVERYONE. including the super talented guy who painted this enormous self-portrait.
Artist Ben Wiemeyer and Ollie. It's important to notice the wooden bar at the bottom of the painting. It is loaded with razor blades. everyday the bar is raised a foot and the razors slice through, until by the end of the show the painting has been shredded. How do you feel about that? disturbed even a little?

well i wasn't at all as disturbed about that as i was when the barista asked me if i was a missionary.

i laughed so hard. but seriously, what gave her that idea???
do i look righteous?
what do you mean by righteous?
i think i need a better hat!


Quel said...

o to BE wholesome without looking it.

AzĂșcar said...

I kind of love that it gets shredded, it's kind of how you feel at the end of a show anyway.

Quel said...

yeahhhhh. but azucar, what about my hat?! scratch that question! i think i know what you'd say! a practical article of clothing...

Amber said...

I love the painting, complete with shredding.

Maybe she meant to ask if you were an Amish missionary. Do the Amish have missionaries?

Quel said...

amber, that's what oliver and i were thinking! either she hadn't been in Utah long and didn't know LDS missionaries pretty much look normal and wouldn't wear a hat like mine OR a wholesome mennonite missionary ( i don't know if they exist either.)

also, is it just me or is the word"wholesome" so much better than "righteous" unless you're referring to a righteous generation. then it doesn't bug so much.

tam said...

That makes me laugh sooo hard. Well, are you?

I am not disturbed by the shredding. In fact I love it. I think it's really great. It implies that more is coming. And it makes you really look at what you won't be able to look at later. And i think the shreds will make great weaving materials.

pamo said...

what did oliver graduate in? i only ask because my brother was an art major at the U.

andi said...

Maybe she had you mixed up with Maria VonTrap. It's a "hills are alive" kind of hat.

Quel said...

tam, what a great idea! a giant basket! or maybe i can weave myself a new hat!

pamo, ollie graduated in 2004 with a BFA in Intermedia. I wish BYU had an Intermedia as an emphasis. And ollie wishes the U had student studios like byu.

andi, i love julie andrews (for reals!). that hat is so retired. (not.)

Geo said...

It's because you are now a Painter of LIght.