Friday, June 13, 2008

calling a truce

mostly i like to hide away and enjoy my meals 40 feet off the ground, in the treehouse. where i can't be tempted.
by grains.

seriously, one crouton and call up an exorcist.

but i've made a pact to treat my gut right and be patient with its custom needs.
and i thank the garden for providing!

this is what we've been eating lately...
kale, turnips, eggs, butter lettuce, rainbow chard, sugar snap peas, radishes, mezclun mix, mustard greens, mushrooms
and fat stubby carrots.

a friend recently pointed out that ollie and i are not on the 100 mile diet, we're on the 100 foot diet. its heavenly to open the back door and have all you need for a fresh meal.


sue-donym said...

So jealous!

ashmae said...

raquel, i think maybe you guys had a demonstration at your house and maybe i was out of town? i have been thinking a lot about what you guys are doing and would love to come see or get some advice sometime this summer. thanks for posting about what you are doing on your blog as well.

pamo said...

oh man, i'm afraid you'd kill over on my diet. which i won't disclose lest i make you sick.

Quel said...

sue-do- come over!

ashmae- sundays are the best day to stop by. i'm glad you're back!

pamo- you're so lucky to be able to eat what you want!! i can only dream about your yummy diet...

Geo said...

Oh, I'm back on that bandwagon too. It's tougher this time. Maybe a tree house would help me too!