Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Girl

My girl Rachel sent me this pic from our recent pre-party before the open garden before the house concert that we recently had (more pics of that are on their way).

Rach does not read this blog. This means i'm talking about her behind her back.

Rach always complains that i'm not as fun as i used to be. i agree. i'm pretty much nose to the grindstone these years (or sometimes its like i've been injected with sleep syrum). But Rach still loves me. How do I know? Because recently when i had my cashed paycheck stolen from my bag Rachel insisted i come up to the Kura Door Spa in Salt Lake where she treated me to a massage and oxygen facial by a woman named Isis. How could i be sad after that? Not possible.

That being said, i'm a greedy unsatisfied wench who would be really really happy if Rachel started reading my blog. 'cause that feels like a million bucks!

editor's note: for the first time EVER ollie doesn't like my post. he doesn't want me to use the word wench. but i like the word and have to use it sometime.


djinn said...

Rachel! My old roomie! YOu look Great! And I miss you. Come to Portland, if you can swing it. You too Gritty.

djinn said...

PS. Wench is a fine word with an honorable history.

For Example

Fear not, sweet wench; they shall not touch thee, Kate.
I'll buckler thee against a million." Shakspeare, Taming of the Shrew, Act 3, Scene 2, lines 222-239

Anonymous said...

Raquel! I just read your blog for 20 mins. I knew there was something more fun I could do than working!