Sunday, June 22, 2008

Loving Neighbors and O'lover is the best shrink

My dear kind sweet generous neighbors gave me this vintage apron and some still warm homemade granola. Well, like Jethro Tull sings "i'm as thick as a brick" and i ate the delicious granola. Will i never learn?? (schmallergies...)

Also, Richard and Claudia Bushman, the famous LDS writers and Columbia profs, came over. We chomped on fennel from the garden and talked about their latest research projects. They are writing about farmers. How cool is that? I almost asked Richard to sign my copy of Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling... next time.

And today NO KIDDING, Ollie said this off the cuff :

[first me, feeling very anxious] Oliver? Am i flippant?
No. Why?
I really know i'm waaaaay tooooo flippant.
Ok, you need to suck the chi out of that story and reanimate it into something that empowers you.

I offer up Ollie for hire as an amazing therapist. Man-o-man can he nip insecurities in the bud (while kinda giving you homework to be a better person.)


Sue said...

Richard and Claudia Bushman? Holy cow. I would have been completely starstruck. How amazingly cool.

Quel said...

sue, i'm totally starstruck by YOU. thanks for visiting.

wendyhcd said...

i'd be Oliver's first patient; how brilliant was THAT comment? and you look darling in your new apron. p.s. we also got Richard Bushman marry us last August in the Manhattan Temple. but we chickened out too, so you're in good company :).