Monday, June 23, 2008

The inside of my fridge

Actually looks a lot like this. (although our fridge hosts some lurkers: a large jar of kombucha tea that we "feed" daily and O'lover's fermentation experiments which we're holding hostage until they develop frontal lobes and petition us to be set free). this pic found from Designers' Block UK
my girlfriend Ardell (by her beautiful example) influenced me to not use tupperware (no plastic!) so leftovers are stored in ceramic bowls with plates as lids. all of my gorgeous baskets? used to be Ardell's. She is a minimalist with fantastic taste and few possessions. But Ardell is a magnet for all things beautiful and watching her in action is like watching a martial arts master in tune and ready to strike the right person at the right moment. Watt...CHA! This rare and artful waffle maker is!

speaking of all things edible...these are some of my favorite posts about food:
my sister's lemon lush
azucar's food manifesto
and this lois denominator post makes me nostalgic.


andi said...

Where is that Ardell girl anyway? I want a dose of Kambucha tea -- especially if it's going to bite me back.

Eva said...

i would like to be more like you and ardell... more minimalist, more thoughtful in material/aesthetic/consumer decisions.

Mister Brock said...

This fridge picture feels totally inspirational to me. It reminds me of this link-

Quel said...

brock! thank you so much for that link! Amazing stuff!

Geo said...

That's a beautiful fridge.