Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the statute of limitations long passed

the contrast between the beautiful old and the new fugly. makes me choke with emotion. i love provo.

this pic triggers a revealing memory.

once ames and i were sunbathing on an old roof in downtown provo. but we had quite forgotten that we were stark...uhhh, fully visible from the nuskin building. don't worry, when we realized our accidental full exposure to dozens of offices we were able to reposition ourselves behind swamp coolers and vents so the pervs couldn't see much. maybe.

photo credit: troikkonen

answer one or the other:
do YOU love p-town?? yes, no, maybe so?
have you been nude in broad daylight in downtown Provo?


AzĂșcar said...

I heart P-town so much that I fight with people who say they don't heart it--them's fightin' words.

But no, never in less than my skivvies.

susan said...

once Robyn wrapped me in a piece of material and put me in some super high european colorful platform shoes, and she and i marched down to Marsha at work to see if she though it was appropriate for a first date. marsha said, no way....to give you an idea.

i love Provo too.

sue-donym said...

Do you have to ask?

Stark naked in DT P is on my top 100 things to do before I die. ALthough I have felt that way every time I went before the city council.

Anonymous said...

actually, i have nudie experiences with the very same person, but not in daylight. it was winter and in the middle of the night. i also taught her how to smoke. even though I am really grossed out by cigarettes now, i am more than vaguely proud of that.

i myself have bared my bosom to oncoming traffic in p-town on more than one occasion. well, i think it was always o-town, but it's the same traffic. only those who have been so scandalized will know who i am. bwahahahaha

aside from beloved ones in p-town, and aside from the amazing gardens that exist there, i do not love it there. :(

Quel said...

azucar, skivvies count! i gotta hear that tale! and i would say "give anonymous hell" but i claim her and i'll love provo enough for the both of us. but if anyone else doesn't love provo...i have full confidence in azucar's arguments.

i would have lead you astray and told you to go for it! and i bet you looked GORGEOUS.

sue-donym- you'd give EVERYTHING for DT P (wait, make that past tense). you already did give. you are such a giver! i heart you!

anonymous, you were so rebellious back then in your teenage years. and now you're so, well, accomplished. i wish i had rebelled in my teenage years but as i always say "better late than never!"

djinn said...

Does the canyon count?

rachel with redshoes on said...

Not naked in the P-town, but another P-town, Payson. I was laying out naked in a little fenced area, used to hide trash cans, at my g-ma's, thinking what a great private place to get a little color. Later, as I was on the road, I realized the angle of the fencing TOTALLY allowed a clear shot of the interior of the fenced area. So not only did all of the teen-aged boys from my High school who worked for my uncle see me, but probably my uncle. JUST GREAT!! Still a source of shame in my life.

Geo said...

Does 400 South come close enough?

Geo said...

P.S. In the spirit of your nakey post I almost confessed something really remarkable, but I decided no remarks would probably be best this time. But thanks for reminding me.