Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pomelo maté

In the summer it's nice to drink some yerba maté using a grapefruit as the gourd. O'lover brews mint tea, adds ice to chill, and mixes in agave nectar to sweeten. We add the "yerba" to the cored grapefruit, pour in the mint tea, and drink it while squeezing the sides of the grapefruit and releasing more juices into the mix.

It's delicious!

Abuelita assumes that we use sugar. But today there was no fooling her.

Does Abuelita like it?
No! She does not like it! Too "amargo" (bitter).
Crap! She really doesn't like it! What are we going to do ?! (We had run out of agave nectar!)

Abuelita! I'm taking pictures. Please smile for the camera! Pretend you like it!So we added some "miel" (honey) but Abuelita would not touch it. I don't think we'll get away with using a sugar substitute ever again.

But the rest of us, including AJ, really liked it!


Anonymous said...

Quel, Isn't she adorable? and she is MY mm.
love, your MM

Azúcar said...

Sounds divine!