Thursday, June 19, 2008

birds' view

this pic is from the tippy top of the Covey Center roof. it was tons of fun climbing up there. lots of wires, tall ladders with itty bitty rungs, and hatches.

for more views of downtown please check out what awesome guest bloggers such as Zina, Ryan, Rob, and Enoch have written on the downtown blog.


pamo said...

was this one of your things you do like riding your bike through smiths or sleeping in the park.

Quel said...

pamo, sort of. anything for some fun. the non-profit i work for needed a new photo for their annual report brochure.

sue-donym said...

Hey, was that photo taken from the roof of the Covey? No way, I would have never guessed that... Except you told us and it was printed right below the photo (you know, on the brochure).

It is so hard to write sarcastically.

p.s. Teresa loved her wagon!

Quel said...

sue-donym, i just talked to teresa. she really really loves her wagon! roaring cheers for another best gift ever!

sue-donym said...

The Downtown Blog makes me sad. I feel left out and alone.

Can I guest blog sometime?

Quel said...

sue-donym, yes! please write your piece(s)! anything you want! i'll be technical support if you need anyone to follow you with a camera.