Wednesday, June 4, 2008

so it goes

hey blog friends,

Come over to our casa this Sunday, June 8th, K?

the garden is pulling all sorts of edible tricks; luscious lumina* is in town (back from 3 years in Asia) and she's staying at our place; ; PLUS colby stead and amy robinson (who just released their new CD) will play some amazing music. come early at 6:30 to hang out/feast in the garden or climb into the tree Pirates' Nest aarrgh. Music will begin at 7:30.

our address will be disclosed if you e-mail me at raquelsmithcallis(at) Or i suppose you could wander the streets until you come upon our "florence green" cottage (thanks, geo). either way we will be delighted to see you there!

*you can meet Lumina at her opening reception this Friday, June 6th from 6-9 PM. Her show is called "A Modest Distance" and is installed at Gallery One.Ten. (110 South 300 West, Provo)

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Teresa said...

I'm sorry I missed this party. I was having my own birthday party that night. I still want to see your house and garden though!